Thursday, April 28, 2011

Honestly, What's the Harm?

You may have heard of the two people in the above photo.  Their a cute couple, aren't they?  Two attractive "kids" getting ready to walk down the aisle.

In front of the entire freaking world.

In some circles, the Royal Wedding is being viewed with a big ol' "who cares?", while others are on pins and needles waiting for the joyous nuptials to commence.  To be sure, I can't justify getting up at four in the morning (New York time) to watch the "pre-wedding show", but I would say there's a fair chance that I'll have it on in the background in one form or another as my Friday gets underway around six (it might be as Mr. Imus and company are mocking it, but there you go).

After all, I appear Friday mornings with Tony Savino on WGCH's NewsCenter at 6:50.  Plus, I've been to England.  I've been to London.  I've been inside Westminster Abbey - one of the most fascinating buildings that I've ever stepped foot in.

But why such outrage over the wedding?  Why make such a big deal about NOT watching it?  In short, who cares one way or another?

Look, this is all about pomp and circumstance, but it's also about - if I dare say, to be trite - the simple charm of a young couple getting married.  Dare I say, it's about romance.  Yes, it's also about our fascination with royalty (how desperate was this country to turn the Obama's into "Camelot 2?").  So who is being hurt by it?  Honestly, how is it any different than some of the orgies we put on in this country - a country that is overwhelmed by excess at times.  We talk lots of sports here so I think it's fair to say that we know a thing or two.  Well?  What about the Super Bowl?  How is this any different than that?

So, really, what's the harm?

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