Thursday, April 07, 2011

Linky Dinks

Much to catch up on, so let's roll through them...

Joe Posnanski continues to cover a sad story: the finals days of the life of sports broadcaster Nick Charles, who is dying from bladder cancer.  It was Posnanski's SI piece that got Charles a chance to broadcast a final fight.

Bill White was one of the voices of my youth, as part of the seminal Yankees broadcast team with Frank Messer and Phil Rizzuto.  White has written a book about his years in baseball.  He speaks honestly about why he wouldn't accept an offer to be GM of the Yankees, racism, and more.  Tom Hoffarth writes a review of the book, which included this passage; it's an indictment of ALL sports today:
He also says that he doesn't wish to attend games today because the "entertainment" factor seems to override the competitive aspect of the game he thought was more important.

Sean Kilkelly is on a roll.  Lots of good music to be found on Who Zeppelin and Rangers Lead the Way.  He posted a version of Noel Gallagher performing "Don't Look Back in Anger" that is stunning (click on the above link).

Don LaGreca says Rangers fans shouldn't jump off the proverbial bridge yet just because Ryan Callahan is out indefinitely.  I agree because there is talent on this team, but Callahan is the heart and soul of this team.

UPDATE: From CBS New York comes word that Callahan a) doesn't need surgery on his broken right ankle and b) thinks that he could return if the Rangers heat up in the playoffs.

From the WNEW blog comes "Five Things About..." a collection of notes about a particular song.  This one is about "Bohemian Rhapsody."

WNEW also brings us a "Roch Flashback" about "We Are the World."

In Richmond, VA, they're moving on from the disappointment of VCU losing in the Final Four.  The good news is that, among myriad other things, they have my friend Jon who continues to chronicle Vintage Richmond.  Jon has a stunning "then and now" of two houses.

Via Stuck in the 80's...well...let's just say I wouldn't be thrilled if the Steinbrenner's decided to put a statue of Michael Jackson outside of the new Yankee Stadium.

Jeff Pearlman discovered that an old Mahopac High classmate and his wife appeared on a Bravo show to have a panel of "experts" pick a name for their child so that the kid could attend an Ivy League school.  Yep.  You read that correctly.

Ross at NYY Stadium Insider says that the Bombers are seeing record low crowds in the Greed House.

And the beloved, historical facility that Giuliani, Bloomberg, the Steinbrenners and Brandon Steiner tore down is sitting across the street as a vacant lot.  The neighborhood would like to get the fields that they were promised.

Rob Sheffield in Rolling Stone offers 15 baseball songs that are better than "Centerfield."  Put me in, Coach!

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