Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Linda Cohn Plays Captain Obvious For Us

Linda Cohn is, by accounts, an extremely nice and likable woman. I've never spoken to her, but she comes across as decent on TV. I can't say I ever really had a strong opinion on her. Sure, I'm down on her for being a Mets fan, but that's her problem. On the other hand, she's a serious Rangers fan.


Probably a fun person to have a beer with to chat sports with (I'm just guessing).

Anyway, Cohn recorded her thoughts on the upcoming Rangers/Caps first-round playoff series.

Lots of obvious thoughts there, and that's OK. She's pretty much spot-on. Hello? Mr. Gaborik? It's time to wake up! I like the idea of having Boyle create havoc on the power play (which has been, dare I say, powerless). But to me, it's playoff time, and the playoffs sit on the shoulder of one position.

Between the pipes.

The King has been exceptional. He's going to need to be better than that now. Like a Super Bowl quarterback in football, most Stanley Cup goalies are nothing short of legendary (yes, there are exceptions). I expect Lundqvist to play like the guy that's in the conversation for the Vezina Trophy (even though Tim Thomas, Carey Price and Roberto Luongo are the faves). If he plays tired, or like the guy who had many chanting for Martin Biron, then the Blueshirts can begin to dust off the golf clubs.

Let me be clear: it's not all on the Royal One. Plenty of others must step up, but goaltending is beyond crucial in the tournament.

I think the Rangers can win this series. I don't have a lot of faith in Ovechkin and company, who looked anemic at times versus New York. The question is: which Caps team will show? The one who I saw lose to the Rangers 7-0, or the one that is the number one seed?

Hopefully, this is not the beginning of the end for the Rangers. It's been, for me, the most fun year I've had around hockey. The reasons (or reason) is obvious. Having someone to talk about the game with. To debate things with. To cheer with. I mean, where would I be without Paul Silverfarb?

HA! I kid! Of course I'm talking about Carrie.

Many others, including Chris Kaelin, Richie Spezzano, Phil Soto-Ortiz, Sean Kilkelly (who would make a better video than Ms. Cohn), John Monteforte, The Graying Mantis from The Dark Ranger, Tony Savino, and my old buddy going back to seventh grade, Scott Wilson, helped make this a season to remember.

Hockey fans are still alive, folks. We're out here. Just remember that hockey is more important than life itself in Canada.

And happy birthday to the awesome Matt Brown (Bruins fan).

Now the Rangers begin the work. Those of us who have listened to Steve Somers (he's on Twitter already. What?) over the years on WFAN know our mantra: RANGERS IN SEVEN!

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