Tuesday, April 12, 2011

More Joe Buck Bashing

It's painful. Seriously.

It seems Joe Buck can't do anything right, except morph into Screaming GuJo. Last Saturday, Buck called the Yankees/Red Sox game, and his level of excitement, most notably on a home run by Curtis Granderson, was on the flat line scale.

Sports Grid has the story, and the simple reason, along with audio of his home run call..

That's right. A virus. I give Buck credit for toughing it out, personally, having called a few games in my life while battling one ailment or another. I clearly recall the hockey game in Middletown, CT when my voice began to die during the second period. But that's what we all do - we make the best of it.

Listen to him call the Granderson home run. It's obvious - painfully so - that his voice is shot, and to climb the vocal ladder would not be good.

It's amazing. Joe Buck uses the style the I prefer - low-key, humorous. A story teller. It's the same style employed be...oh, that's right: VIN SCULLY! So why does everyone love Vin and rip Joe Buck?

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