Saturday, April 09, 2011

Rangers Season Dangling

No, I don't think Carrie has a pair of these...

So here we are. Game number 82. The Rangers hanging on the edge of a collapse for a second straight year. It didn't seem possible that long ago - the playoffs seemed probable - but here we are.

Mike Mazzeo at ESPN New York breaks it all down for you.  The simple bottom line is this - win, then hope Carolina falters.

I'll be there today, at the World's Most Famous, and I'm going to make this clear.  Yes, they're my team, but I'm not going in there with a happy-slappy attitude.  This team has put themselves in this place, and there are a lot of reasons for it.  Bad offense...defense...and so on.  Yet Monday night, everyone (except me) yelled and screamed joyously to the silly stick salute and clapped along to the foolish goal song.  Truly a great win, capping off a comeback from down 3-0.

I just smiled...and walked away as the sticks went up.

Come Thursday night, the Blueshirts spit the proverbial bit bit badly against an Atlanta team that Carolina went out and waxed last night in Georgia.

So even with a win, don't expect me to wax poetic.  Let me see this team back into the playoffs.  Then we'll talk.

And if they lose?  If Martin Brodeur and company find a way to end the season for New York?  Oh boy...

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