Saturday, April 23, 2011

Rangers Win...Please?

I know it's a long shot, but hope springs eternal when the score is 0-0.  Yes, Wednesday night's loss was - beyond a doubt - stunning.  The Rangers were flying, with the Garden rocking to the levels of "Who's your Daddy?"  They couldn't possibly blow a three-goal lead, right?

Ever heard of the dreaded three goal lead?  Yeah, that.

Henrik Lundqvist was out of his mind, playing brilliantly (despite his season, he is not a finalist for the Vezina Trophy), but it was a simple defensive zone miscue - a breakdown in communication between Marion Gaboirk and his goalie, that allowed the losing goal.  Gaborik is generally being viewed as the villain, though I don't think that's fair, just as Bill Buckner shouldn't have been the bad guy in 1986, or Steve Bartman in 2003.  This was a TEAM meltdown.  No one was immune to the complete collapse.

Today's a new day.  A new game.  This is a scrappy team.  I expect - fully - that this team will find a way to get the series back to MSG for Game 6.  Hopefully Gaborik finds a way to make up for the mistake in Game 4.

Let's go Rangers!  Keep the golf clubs in the closet for a few more days!  Now if they could just show the Knicks how to play...

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