Saturday, March 13, 2010

Saturday Morning Linky Dinks

Before we float away in four to six inches of rain (!), let's rock our links out.

The tributes for Merlin Olsen continue to roll in. The NFL does their part, while Dick Enberg comments on the loss of his longtime broadcast partner (via Tom Hoffarth).

The New Era Pinstripe Bowl (via River Ave. Blues)? Really? Can we get more obnoxious? This, friends, is why the Winter Classic won't be coming to the Stadium anytime soon.

Now, would I go to the bowl game? Sure - I have nothing against that. What I do have something against is the decision-making (non-baseball edition) going on among the Bomber brass. Don't get me wrong: I love the Steinbrenners, and Brian Cashman (Cash-money) is the man. After that, we get into the people who like being a part of the Yankees just so they can go play the "Chuck Schumer" role. You know - the "I-love-to-stand-at-every-press-conference-and-be-in-front-of-the-mics-and-cameras" types.

John Miley created a collection of remarkable baseball broadcasts. I'm thrilled to say that I own a few of them, such as the game in which Roger Maris hit his 61st home run in the 1961 season. Major League Baseball tried to bully Mr. Miley about ownership rights and the almighty dollar (think of their behavior regarding YouTube). Mr. Miley fought, and won (from the Journal of Sports Media).

Jeff Pearlman thinks Erin Andrews shouldn't go on Dancing with the Stars
. I disagree. See, here's the thing. Erin Andrews was the victim of a thoughtless, stupid crime. She was a dancer in college. She was interested in doing the show, if only to bring attention to women who are victimized. Yet ultimately she worried about her credibility. Then her family told her to do it. That's enough for me.

Yet there's more. Take Barbara Walters, for instance. Walters has done it all - first female anchorperson. Host of The View. Host of 20/20. A legendary interviewer. A legendary journalist. Yet does anyone remember when she once dressed as a Playboy bunny? How's her credibility?

In the end, you know what? Leave her alone.

I didn't really breakdown the Oscars in my usual way. I was out of touch with the movies, and was recovering from a virus. As such, I slept through a large chunk of the show. Yet I saw the tribute to John Hughes (from Stuck in the 80's). Nice.

Lastly, sometimes blog writing can be thankless, depending on the audience. Tim Parry has nearly pulled the FCIAC Football Blog a few times, and now the writer of the FCIAC Hockey Blog says he is done (via John Nash on the Hour Sports Minute). That's a shame.

Stay dry today!

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