Friday, March 12, 2010

The Destruction of an Icon

I hope you're proud, Michael Bloomberg. I would never - under any circumstances - vote for you. Ever. You're the mayor of the city, whose "officials" are allowing the destruction of Yankee Stadium to happen, without even maintaining a compromise to those of us who asked you to do so.

In short: you and your crew are liars.
City officials giving a press tour of the demolition said they had no intention of saving Gate 2, as preservation-minded advocates want, because keeping it would interfere with the location of the fields.
That's from this New York Times article from Richard Sandmoir. Not for nothing, and this will anger some of you, but does anyone remember exactly what kind of shape old McCombs Dam Park was in? I can clearly recall avoiding broken bottles (and God knows what else) when making my way through there from the parking lot. Who is going to take care of this new park?

Have a look at this video from CNN via Pinstripe Alley
. Yankee-haters will love it. It makes me sick, and angry.

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