Monday, March 22, 2010

I'm Still Around

Hi all, I'm still here. There's a lot going on right now - a lot of transition - so I've been laying low. Silence from me can also be a sign that there are things to talk about that would So I stay away out of fear that if I start writing, I'll explode and let it all out. The fallout is never good.

Since you haven't asked, I'll just say that I'm fine. Had a good but busy weekend. Didn't see as much of Sean as I would have liked to. Wanted to go hit some baseballs in the batting cages, but they were closed (FAIL!). Met some great people - Brittany and Kristi are amazingly fun (and I'm now "Jerk Face").

Sure there was frustration, but when isn't there? Messages and emails that went unanswered (to multiple people)...issues that are unresolved...blah blah blah. Yet it's fine. I'm in a good place, and can only keep getting better.

So there. I'll be back writing again soon. Maybe later today, who knows? Links to send out...sadly, more death to to post...and rants to be raged! Plus baseball is nearly upon us (Joe Mauer staying with the Twins is a good thing), and my college basketball pool is in the dump (Kansas? Really? Rock, Chalk, YOU SUCK...just kidding).

Stay thirsty, my friends!

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Mick said...

ahh - dos equis