Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Linky Dinks (and Rob Crowley, Too!)

Thank you, Rob Crowley, for the nice shout out you gave me on your blog.  You will be missed around WGCH and the associated Networks.  To quote Rob:
...continue enjoying life and definitely continue blogging about it (I'm looking at you Rob Adams on the last part - Your blog always keeps me entertained and I constantly find interesting things across the internet because of it).
Kind words like this encourage me to keep going. A little nice feedback goes a long way in all parts of life, trust me.

To that end, Rob, keep posting away. I like your writing style and I think you have stories to tell. I also think you should still be with us in radio, but something tells me that is meant for a private conversation some time. You came from being raw to the biz to doing your best in every spot I put you in (like hockey) to being a top-notch board-operator and jazz show host. You kept me in line if I missed any spots. Well done, my friend.  Best wishes, Jazzman!

I discussed the Skyline Conference All-Conference Women's team, and now it's time to note that Carlos Valdez from Mount Saint Mary College made the men's team.  Congrats, Carlos.  I know Sean Adams (one of your biggest fans) will be happy.  The rest of the team can be found here, and the women's team is here.

Still no definitive word on if we're broadcasting the Mount's women's NCAA game against Williams on Friday at 6:00 PM.  If they win, they play again on Saturday at 7:00 PM.  Both games will be in Ithaca.

Oh, and we won't be broadcasting any of the Greenwich Cardinals FCIAC hockey playoff run on WGCH.  See you in the states, barring any conflicts.

(Side note: sorry, I care about three things - the teams, the listeners (and the community), and calling the games, and that's where I come in.  I'm not a businessman.  I'm a broadcaster.  I want to do the right thing for the community, and I want to call games.  Oh yeah, and I'd like to make a salary.  So yeah, I get a little annoyed when we - in Greenwich or at the Mount - don't cover things but it's because my heart is in the right, albeit different place.  I'm not ripping anyone per se.)

And that's all I have to say about that.

Amy Beth Arkawy continues to write great stuff on her blog.  She writes this time about the admission of - or confusion surrounding - the subject of Carly Simon's "You're So Vain."  Funny thing is, my much-older siblings used to sing it to me.  Yet I never bet the song was about me.

Also in music, the world has lost a solid session musician who seemed to pop up everywhere.  T-Bone Wolk was the bassist for Hall and Oates, and was also a part of GE Smith and the "Saturday Night Live Band" from 1986-1992.  He died of a heart attack at 58, just up the road at Daryl Hall's studio in Pawling, NY (thanks, Stuck in the 80's).

Stuck in the 80's also brings us the word that the 1980's was voted the best musical decade of the past 50 years in a recent poll.  Yeah, I'm in shock also, but I like it.  To be fair, the 80's were not as great musically as the 60's (Hello?  Beatles, Stones, Hendrix, Beach Boys, Supremes, Doors, The Who...shall I go on?).

Spring Training Baseball on TV!  Schedules can be found on Fang's Bites for each team.  Here is the schedule for the American League East.  The defending World Champions play today, against the team they beat in the World Series.

The River Ave. Blues brothers give us a preliminary look at what "Heritage Field Park" (makes me sick just writing it) will look like.  Michael Bloomberg and his cronies should be ashamed of themselves, and I'd say the same if Rudy Giuliani let this happen.  That's the best New York can do for the most famous of ALL sporting sites?  May the ghosts of Jacob Ruppert, Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Joe DiMaggio, and Mickey Mantle pay you some ghoulish visits. 

My "Only American Made" friend Lisa got a pleasant surprise while shopping at Bob's Stores, a discount clothing retailer in the Northeast.  Haven't been in Bob's in a while (there's one in Danbury) but Lisa might have inspired me.  I haven't exactly had money to go to, say The Gap recently (though Old Navy suits me just fine).

Joe Posnanski writes a terrific story about Al Michaels.  I come to like Al more as times goes on.

I know, I know...blah blah blah road signs blah blah blah.  Your mileage may vary.  I have a very small sign collection.  Really small.  I have one sign that I like a lot (an older New York state style route 220 shield...paid $25 or so at a flea market for it!).  So I get a wee bit jealous when I see posts like this from the CTsignguy.

Last thing - this is the mixed up feeling that people have for Sidney Crosby.  The visiting goaltender got a larger ovation than Sid the Kid.  In Crosby's own building.

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