Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Olympic Hockey Gold Medal Game Highlights

Here are the highlights of the gold medal game between the US and Canada, courtesy of NBC Olympics.

Great work by Doc Emrick, Ed Olczyk and the rest of the NBC crew.

I know there are many who are OK with the US getting the silver. Just kind of happy to be there and all.

Not me.

I didn't like the US team when it was assembled. I thought the Russians and Canadians were superior. I wondered if the US would medal at all.

Then they started playing, and they started winning. Then they knocked off Canada 5-3. Suddenly it appeared they were really good. Still I thought a revitalized, determined Team Canada would win.

Yet the gold medal game went differently. Down 2-0, the US came back, with Zach Parise scoring just before the end of the third period to send the game to Overtime. At that point, Team USA had momentum, and had taking all life (and air) out of Canada Hockey Place. It even felt like they had the better goalie.

Just like that, though, it was over. Sidney Crosby. Sigh.

The better team won but the US was so close, and took the silver.

This sticks to my usual belief: get a team that I like to a championship game, and I won't settle for anything but a win. Blow my team out and the pain isn't as tough. At 2-0, it didn't look good. Even at 2-1, I didn't feel like it would sting as much. But to tie the game and then lose 3-2 in overtime?


Doesn't mean I'm not proud of Team USA. Quite the contrary. No harm in losing to Canada, and congratulations to them. But watching the highlights again, all I feel is that same thing.


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