Monday, March 15, 2010

Lisa on the Radio

My friend Lisa is a music enthusiast (I was going to say "nut", but she might get offended). We used to work together a short lifetime ago, and we've stayed close friends ever since.

Lisa and her husband Lou are huge fans of 107.1 The Peak, the brilliant radio station that happens to be a member of the Pamal family (as in Hudson Valley Talk Radio). Among Lisa and Lou's Facebook friends is Bruce Figler, one of The Peak's great DJ's (and we've since become friendly as well - a really good guy).

What this seems to have all led to was Lisa visiting The Peak's studios to serve as a guest DJ on their new music show hosted by Chris Bro, Next.

Lisa recorded her show and it is on Next's blog. She did a great job, and there's a cute picture of Lisa and her daughter, Samantha.

Mother of three (add Joey and Evan to the mix), wife, small-business entrepreneur (Lisa's Gourmet Cookies), and defender of all causes (very charitable). Plus she once made an exceedingly unbearable business very bearable (I had a terrible virus). Now she's a DJ!?! She's an impressive person.


cbro said...

Nothing against Bruce (who yes is a great guy) but he didn't have anything to do with Lisa being guest DJ on NEXT.

Lisa did a brilliant job and already wants to do "un-cover" guest dj spot. You'll be hearing that soon I'm sure.

Thanks for listening and leave a comment on website for Lisa to read.

Rob Adams said...

And Chris slams the point home! Just kidding, thanks for clearing that up, Chris.

Unknown said...

Just saying...are you ready for a shot at guest dj?

Rob Adams said...

I would do it!

cbro said...

just let me know when. Email me or message me on Facebook