Saturday, March 06, 2010

Professional Baseball Coming To Rockland County?

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Call me the skeptic but I'll believe this when I see it. The town of Ramapo, in Rockland County, NY, has talked about building a baseball stadium before, and now the plans are on the table (from The Journal News).

The stadium is slated to be built off of NY Route 45, in Pomona, near Exit 12 of the Palisades Interstate Parkway.  It is supposed to have capacity for 3,500, and they think it will be ready for opening day, 2011.

The team would be a part of the CanAm League.

The reason for my skepticism is that I've seen this before - most notably in Yonkers, NY and Danbury, CT. In both cases, my mouth watered at the thought of more professional baseball coming to the area - and the chance for me to be their broadcaster!

Well the Yonkers site seems to have simply died and the Danbury site now has housing on it.

Now sit back and prepare for the NIMBY'S to spring to action!

Best of luck to the developers. It's baseball, so of course I'm rooting for them!

If the Rockland stadium is built, I want the team to be called the Rockland Rockets after an old Flinstones episode.

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