Thursday, August 06, 2009

So That's That (the "DAMN! I Couldn't Resist" Edition)

CREDIT: Noah K. Murray, The (Newark) Star-Ledger via US Presswire

Yankees win, 13-6. Phil Soto-Ortiz put it perfectly on his blog. Joba was dreadful, though he battled for the win. The team didn't get down when the Sox were up 1-0 and 3-1. Jorge Posada hit the ball well, making up for a brain lock on the bases.

So they won. One game. Big deal.

Now don't get me wrong - it IS a big deal, as the Sox could win the rest of the series and still would leave town in second place. It's also huge to break the losing streak against Boston. But let's keep it in perspective.

For those on Facebook, I said nothing tonight. Not a single word about the game during the game. I just wouldn't give in to the idiocy, and I read plenty of it; almost like it was bating me! It wasn't until Yankee-hater extraordinaire Tim Parry wrote something on The 'Book, and one of his cronies responded in kind, that I had to respond.

By the way, Tim came back with a great answer (not suitable for Blogland), so I removed the initial thing I wrote about Tim's tiring Yankee-hating. Oh wait, that's what I wrote before. Never mind.

Hey, and the Yankees picked up Chad Gaudin tonight. World Series, here we come!

And David Ortiz will discuss the his failed drug test on Saturday.

Game two is tomorrow. Beckett and Burnett are the pitchers. I'll be there.

Much more on tomorrow's edition of "The Press Box."


The Daily Del Franco said...

Parry AND Ortiz quoted in the same story....that's a sure as any of the Apocalypse....

And let's relax about Joba, can we? The guy was life and death to get through five innings. Battled? Hardly. He won because someone had to lose.

Rob Adams said...

Would it make you happier if I said he battled through five innings? Because that's what I kind of implied (or meant to imply, or whatever). He battled through five to get the win, which, as you said, he had to get because somebody had to be named the winning pitcher.

I'll be further blunt - he sucked. That work for ya? So lets' relax with the relaxing.