Monday, August 03, 2009

Richmond On Speed

My friend "FreewayJim" has created some great videos from his various road trips. This is one of them, beginning to the south of Petersburg, VA and rolling up to the north end of Richmond - basically the length of the old Turnpike that was built in 1958.

I have good memories from most of this route.

I wish my drive felt this fast yesterday, but it didn't. Fearful of Sunday afternoon on Interstate 95 and the New Jersey Turnpike, I opted for an interior route of I-83 out of Baltimore, US 422 to Reading, US 222 to Allentown, I-78 to PA 33 to back roads to PA 611 where I crossed into New Jersey. Then it was Interstate 80 to I-287 to a selection of roads that got me across the Bear Mountain Bridge and on home. It was long but enjoyable, so there.

Oh, and more Waffle House (where another monster rain storm dumped on us).

And now I'm home. Back to "The Press Box" today.

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