Sunday, August 09, 2009

Linky Dinks

Some more linkage for you.

Uh-oh...A-Rod is hitting like a clutch player. Sorry to break it to you (oh and he just homered again to give the Yankees a 1-0 lead in the 7th). Hate him if you want - he's damn good.

Hal McCoy is one of the great baseball beat writers ever. He's also now out of a job, and probably retired.

Sean Patrick Bowley gives us Max Prep's 2009 Connecticut high school football preseason rankings. Greenwich is 12th and even if they win another title, they won't be first. Just doesn't happen unless you're New Canaan or you're located near Interstate 91.

Tim Parry has been a busy man on his FCIAC Football Blog (or The Road to Boyle - pick your poison). He wonders about the status of Wright Tech's and Stamford Academy's co-op team.

Tim also says legendary coach Jerry McDougall will be back on the sidelines this year, but as an assistant at St. Luke's.

Still more Tim (had enough yet?). He writes about former Cardinal John Sullivan's quest to land the starting center job in Minnesota.

I love this. It's a collection of parodies of the legendary cover of The Beatles' Abbey Road, courtesy of the WFUV Blog. I also walked that famous crosswalk, and maybe one day I'll remember to post the photos. I still regret not going barefoot...

Ross and company at New Stadium Insider gave the security a Yankee Stadium a second look. Things didn't go much better than the first time. Funny thing is,I haven't had any trouble. That doesn't mean I'm a fan.

JoePo (likely to be a "Press Box" guest in September) says farewell to John Hughes. Joe will also be moving to Sports Illustrated. That's very cool.

Neil Best says that Rupert Murdoch has every intention of charging for all online content - including newspapers. That's fine, Rupert. Make your industry even more irrelevant. Until I can no longer find what I need, I won't spend a dime.

Neil also writes that changes are afoot in Imus Land. Karith Foster is gone. Bottom line - the I-man needs the biting humor back, mixed with the great interviews. I don't even listen as much as I used to. Karith seemed like a nice woman, and fairly humorous. It just didn't work.

You don't need to hear from me about the whole Red Sox/Big Papi steroids thing, lest I get another batch of Yankees-hating "Adams wears Pinstripe-colored glasses" comments and emails. I'm frankly pretty sick of it, so I'll stop before I cross the line. So I'll leave it to Phil Soto-Ortiz to sock it you.

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