Saturday, August 29, 2009

All I Needed Was a Dollar and a Reality Check

This was a semi-rough week.

It didn't really start that way. Well, yeah it did. Actually last weekend was magnificent but as I've come to know, good is often followed by not-so-good.

The walls began to crash Sunday with a crushing phone call of very sad news of a young life being taken before it had the chance to start. Literally. I'm still in shock, and the drive home gave me lots to think about.

The rest of the week seemed to be loaded with other things that can make one just shake their head.

So it was that I found myself Friday in Valley Deli, a small joint in Jefferson Valley, NY. My mom goes there virtually every day, and they know her pretty well. Nice guys, decent food. Time for a sandwich on my way to "The Press Box."

I paid for my turkey and American with mustard on a roll, chips, and Coca-Cola and was heading towards the door when the counter guy said, "Let me ask you: do you play Mega Millions?"

"Not normally", I offered.

"Hmm", he said with a shrug. "It's a dollar and it's big tonight", and pointed to a sign on the machine that said some ridiculously large number (a couple of hundred million or so).

So I did something I never do: I handed him a dollar. He handed me my ticket, we exchanged pleasantries, and that was that.

I was hopeful that fate - something I do believe in, along with the Good Church of Baseball (Saints Babe, Lou, Joe D, and The Mick), and (of course) Karma - would be working with me.

The rest of the day went as such. A decent show, heavy rain, unused Yankees tickets (of course they played and they won), and so on. More idiocy, though I thank the person I reached out to for her wisdom. I like her.

I watched "Scrubs" (that's a damn fine show there), and "Fight Club" (never saw it all the way through) before I realized that the lottery results should be available. Indeed they were - 1, 17, 31, 37, 54, and the Megaball was 31.

No money for me. *Sigh*

Oh, my numbers? 33, 34, 35, 42, 55, 06. Yep. 55. Fifty-five. Should have been fate.

And so it is.


Mick said...

1, 17, 31, 37, 54, and the Megaball was 31.

Love those #'s well most of them
1/17/37/54 - love ya. well 31 so close I had 35 and the MB i think was 2.

So what do u get for 4/5 - $150!
Yes, $150 - 5/5 - a cool quarter million. Does anyone see a problem here?

Rob Adams said...

Just not meant to be, I guess.