Sunday, August 23, 2009

Jim? Hello? Jim?

So it appears that Jim Rice has lost touch with reality.

I was happy to see him make the Hall of Fame and of course, it can't be taken away, nor should it simply because he makes asinine statements.

Let PeteAbe tell you about it.

Fox Sports also has a report.

Slam Manny if you want, and A-Rod is fair game. I just don't know why it's necessary to take a shot at Jeter. Sorry, I just don't.

Word of warning to Jim Rice: People in glass houses...

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Tim Parry said...

Here's my one criticism of Jeter. If the Yankees are being trounced, he pulls out. Suddenly a prospect is at SS for the rest of the game.

I'm sure it's not to keep his career BA above .300... but in the AL, with the DH, if you start a game, you should play all nine innings.

(AL because of that whole hitting in the pitcher's spot thing)