Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Hope It Was Worth It

Stuff like this irritates me. So let me see if I've got this straight:

Little Martin (then 12) plays baseball, hits a gapper, stretches for two, slides, and injures his leg. Ummmm...isn't that baseball?

Then good ol' Mom decides to sue pretty much everyone.
The suit was recently filed in state Supreme Court, St. George, and names as defendants the New Springville Little League; the boy's manager, Leigh Bernstein; Little League Baseball Incorporated and "John Doe," a fictitious name for the unidentified first-base coach. The amount of monetary damages sought is not specified.

The Gonzalez's allege the defendants "placed [Martin] at great risk of injury" by failing to properly teach him how to slide. They further contend the defendants did not keep the base paths "in good order and repair" and failed to warn the boy of their "dangerous condition."
So by that rationale, I should go sue Joe Porcelli for the times he hit me: first in 1983, when he plunked my elbow (the only time I ever willingly left a game), and in 1984, when he beaned me. Some would say I've never been the same ever since. I should also sue his coach, maybe my coach (one of my heroes - the legendary Coach D'Aliso), Mahopac Sports Association, and a few others.

I love this quote by another reputable lawyer (ain't they the best?):
"Apparently, the Little League International and the local Little League must have felt that I had some justification for the commencement of the action," (Alan A.) Glassman said today.
No, asshat, Little League Baseball just decided it was easier to shut you and your litigation-loving client up because the attention just isn't worth it. In other words, Little League Baseball intentionally walked you.

I hate this world sometimes (theoretically speaking, of course).

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Georgia Road Geek said...

Regrettably, litigation (not baseball) is America's national pasttime. :(