Monday, August 17, 2009

Monday Morning Linky Dinks

I'm on the fence about the status of "Linkage", my name for the list of internet-related items that I occasionally post.

Then I discovered that Fang's Bites also uses the moniker. Like my affection for the term "Odds and Sods" (first used by Sean Kiklelly), I am likely to not use "Linkage" as much.

Neither are copyrighted and, yes, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but...

So we'll roll on with "Linky Dinks" (just as "Off the Bench" took over for "Odds and Sods").

Chuck Costello, who has done a GREAT job filling in for me on "The Press Box" (want this Friday also, Chuck?) writes about colleges having to make more job cuts.

It's becoming increasingly obvious that rampant homelessness will be coming (me included). I'm exaggerating. I hope.

Tim Parry is firing the engines on the FCIAC Football Blog. You know my feeling about it - love it. So visit as we make the FCIAC the special place that it is.

Tim also tells us about the status of Wright Tech/Stamford Academy football...or lack thereof.

Fang's Bites (home of "Linkage") pays a proper farewell to WBCN - one of the landmark radio stations. To me, 'BCN was Boston's version of WNEW, and while I'd rather have Scott Muni and Carol Miller, 'BCN was a great way to go while driving around the Commonwealth.

WBCN lives on here, in online HD-radio form.

Woodstock's 40th anniversary has come and gone. Sean Kilkelly reminds us who played.

The second and third days would have been my favorite (if I'm same the person, of course). I might appreciate the Grateful Dead or Santana more had I seen them live (not really a fan otherwise), just to give you an example. But the idea of seeing The Who, Creedence, Hendrix, Sly and the Family Stone, Joe Cocker, The Band, and a few others is too much to imagine.

Then again, the idea of stinking because of not being able to take a shower? I'm not too good at that.

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