Saturday, August 01, 2009

A Conversation in the Inner Harbor

I'll be brief - I want my Waffle House breakfast (there are only about 10 within 30 miles).

While waiting on line for the "duck boat" in Baltimore's Inner Harbor, I spied what seemed like all of New England, in town for the Sox-Orioles series (the AL East standings are down to a 1.5 game lead for those nasty New Yorkers). Upon seeing so freaking many members of Red Sox Nation, I remarked to Sean:

"We should have worn Yankees shirts today." Expecting cold, dirty glares, a couple in front of me turned around.

"They're nasty. Worst fans in baseball. We have Angels season tickets and many of our friends won't go with us when the Sox come in. Yankees, problem. But Red Sox fans are mean. They taunt, throw things at people, and fight with themselves."

I was stunned, actually. I expected Yankee-bashing but this couple would have none of it.

So that's all. I'm not bashing the Sox or their fans, and I'm sure this is a small sample. So let's save the 35 messages about R-E-S-P-E-C-T and so on. Besides, I'll be drizzling my waffle in gooey warm syrup by then!

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