Friday, February 27, 2009

Thanks, Yanks

As you may or may not know, I was a Yankees' partial season ticket holder for 11 years. I wrote my farewells to the old House and the friends who sat with me here and here, but I thought I was only saying goodbye to the building. Now it seems I'm not going to be with my friends anymore and, alas, I might not even go to the new Stadium.

At least not with my own seat account.

I almost declined my seat package last year, but Cousin Kris stepped up big time and saved me. Now I'm just another in the long line of disgruntled Yankees' fans/ticket holders. After all those years of Section Five/Row G/Seats Four and Five, beginning at $13 per game and ending at $26, things have changed.

I got my invoice last week after months of waiting. The result? Seats in Section 205/Row 20, Seats 22-23. That means we're on the aisle, 20 rows from the field. OK so far. We're even under the overhang. That's good. But it also means we're out in right field (Section Five was to the first base side of home plate). All of this would be acceptable

The tickets are $50 each.

From $13 in 1998 to $26 last year - all in Section Five, to $50 this year in a bad economy to sit in right field? No thanks.

I've declined the offer and have gone back into the pool. As for the rest of our crew, Kelly and Ken wound up closer to our original seats; Mick and Chris are in the bleachers. Everyone except Mick and I have accepted their offer. Funny thing is, I'd sit in the bleachers as opposed to paying $50. I could do that for a year. Why not?

At this moment, I could be content meeting my friends on Friday's for pizza/wings/frosties at somebody's house and watch the game there. I could also be content maybe going to Renegades or Bluefish games.

The Yankees, MY Yankees, have priced me out, and pushed me away. Are they testing my loyalty?

Don't weep for me though. Kris has already offered to let me go with him to some games (he has another package) so I'll get to see The House That Greed Built and judge for myself if this thing is worth it. Yet with OBSTRUCTED VIEWS (how the heck is that possible?) behind girders and to the side of a restaurant, how is this any better than the magnificent old building alongside? Tell Lonn Trost and Randy Levine "thanks" on behalf of all of us, OK?

Onto to the links:
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Tim Parry said...

The difference is Newsday has decent Wen content. Cablevision on the other hand... bleh!

Moychendising is the Schawrtz!