Monday, February 02, 2009

Did They Not Have the Special Cocktail Weenies?

This guy needs a hug. Or something stronger.

He rips Bruce's halftime show (and yeah, dude, I'm a REAL fan). He whines about the quality of the teams, the penalties, the lack of bombs (wait, what?), and Warner's failure to win. WAHHHHHH! He comes up with reasons why this wasn't such a great Super Bowl.

Here's the thing - it was a great Super Bowl, but I'm not ready to call it the best ever. I think I'm leaning towards last year's game, due to the circumstances and the finish. Still, if I have a chance to think about it, it's probably in the top two or three. Definitely top five.

Oh and somebody has already tried to tell me that this was a "dirty" win. Whatever.


Sean G. Kilkelly said...

There are a few questions that come up for me:

For years you have called the SB "an overproduced farce." I may even have you on tape saying that you have become "very jaded" about the Super Bowl. Some people may react to your elation over the Super Bowl by saying "Hey look, Adams changed his tune because his team was in it."

Second, I'm going to go back to Tyree's catch last year when you said that we should all let it breathe. I'll say that for this and every other sporting event...let it breathe for, heck at least a day, before we start ranking.

As far as Bruce goes or any other halftime performance past, present of future, the guy had 12 minutes to perform and basically had to chop up four songs into a kind of medley. Tough stuff and I just can't imagine that kind of pressure to perform, so I don't judge him or anyone else in that situation.

Sean G. Kilkelly said...

Sounds like a Tim Parry charge that is was "dirty."

That crazy blogger!

Rob Adams said...

It is still an overproduced farce, no doubt about it, and I complained about that very fact when you consider that the teams stood on the field for nearly a half hour doing nothing before kickoff. I also screamed about the postgame (as I always do).

Sure I'm still jaded. Nothing has ever changed there. Still I watch the game every year (as I have since SB XII) with the hope that the game lives up to the hype. If you recall, I raved about last year's game. It was so refreshing to see a great game. It made me forget about the rest of pomp and circumstance.

Yes, I believe in letting games breathe before making them instant classics. Again, nothing has changed. Yet, who would debate last year's game was an all-timer at that time? I don't like to automatically note something as the best ever. A year later, I'm inclined to say that the Giants-Pats probably was the best ever. I said this year's game is probably in the Top 5. I did not, however, annoint this as the greatest, nor will I.

Lastly, looking at Bruce, I said a few days ago that I would think it was the best I had ever seen. Nothing's changed.

Jeez - exactly what did I do to you? First you whack me for joining a silly "keep the Bucks in Milwaukee" group, and now this?

Just kidding - fair questions.

Oh, and it wasn't Tim who called it a dirty win.

Sean G. Kilkelly said...

Just having a little fun. I miss doing a sports show.

I still want to know who called it "dirty."

Sean G. Kilkelly said...

Oh yeah, do they sell the special cocktail weenies at Super Duper Weenie?

Rob Adams said...

Sadly, no.

Oh, and it was Dana (sorry, Dana). Then again, she's a bitter Cowboys fan.

Rob Adams said...

I know you're just having fun. It made me think though.

There's no question that the Super Bowl is still an overproduced farce. Yet the game is still the thing - and that's what I look forward to. I don't think I actually turned on the TV Sunday night until about 5:45. I was in Pennsylvania when the pregame started and I didn't watch a single thing. I listened to some of the Westwood One stuff on 'FAN (which was just about football, and no extra stuff).

I'm just old-fashioned - intro the teams, have a halftime show with "Up with People" or some marching band, and have Joe Willie run off the field with the number one finger held up, and the trophy presentation taking place in a dirty locker room.

Sean G. Kilkelly said...

I'm with you on all of those points, but sadly those days of it just being about the game are long gone and will never come back.

Rob Adams said...

I know, but as a wise man once said: