Friday, February 20, 2009


I've got another collection of links to click on to occupy you.

Via Sliding into Home, The Sporting News thinks the Yankees are going to win it all. I've heard this one before.

If you care about the World Baseball Classic, the announcing schedule is here, courtesy of Awful Announcing. Overall I'm going to hold me tongue, but I will say that I hope the announcers aren't sitting in a studio. Obviously it's better than nothing, but I'm of the belief an announcer needs to be on-site.

From Ken McMillan comes word that Jim Nantz is the 2008 National Sportscaster of the Year. I can't think of anybody who had a better year, so OK then.

I just came across this list of the Top 50 Network TV Announcers. David Halberstam created the list and I give him props - his book “Sports on New York Radio: A Play-by-Play History” is a must-read for historians. As for his choice of Howard Cosell at number one - well - I'm not a fan. Thanks to Neil Best for the link.

You know my love of Minor League Baseball. The Lakewood BlueClaws - one of the better organizations I've come across (though I've never attended a game there!) is going to let kids eat free at all 2009 games.

Via Deadspin, Jeff Pearlman is at it again. He calls A-Rod's Yankees teammates "frauds." Jeff - here's the thing. Your family - whether you like them or not - screws up. You show up to support them. It's that easy. Did they not teach you compassion at Mahopac High School?

The WNEW blog strikes again. Darryl Hall (yes, from Hall and Oates) hosts online concerts from his house. Go. Now. Watch. Listen. He features different artists, and it's great stuff. And maybe brings a little "I Can't Go For That (No Can Do)."

Bob Sheppard hopes to be back for Opening Day. Good.

The Baseball Assistance Team has created the Bobby Murcer Award. Well done.

This is a joke, right? Five billion bucks (or whatever) to build the new Stadium and not only are there obstructed views in center field (thanks to the restaurant) but there are girders blocking views. WHAT?

Speaking of Yankee Stadium, the destruction has begun. And with it goes a piece of me.

JoePo shows great taste in music. Ben Folds "Way to Normal" is a terrific CD.

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