Saturday, February 07, 2009


Fool. Dope. Moron.

Way to go, A-Rod.

There are two reasons I'm not just blowing this off:

1) He's a member of the New York Yankees now.

2) He's my son's favorite player. My son's favorite number is 13 - because of A-Rod.

Why, ARod? Say it ain't so?!

Now, here's the thing. He's guilty of doping while he was playing for Texas, in 2003. If he is clean now and takes on the same sort of personality that The Big G has had, then I'm willing to let it slide, a la Andy Pettitte. But if he continues to be "A-Fraud", then he's going to slide in the court of public (and my) opinion.

Part of me was OK with him walking away after the 2007 season. I should have stayed with that emotion.


Sean G. Kilkelly said...

I agree with you, however, I want to know everyone on the list. I feel like it is a witch hunt against A-Rod, at times. Yes, he brings much of it on himself, but is he the only big star on this list of 104? Seems like someone really has it out for A-Rod. I wonder where it is coming from. But this has not been a good couple of weeks for him. Do I feel bad for the guy? Yeah, in some ways I do. I don't like when someone gets beat up by our society i.e. Sarah Palin, A-Rod, etc. People piled on Bonds because he is a jerk. But let's be fair if you're gonna leak out 1 name, leak out all of them. Oh and the person who is doing the leaking should have the guts to put his or her name to it!

Rob Adams said...

There's no doubt that everything you're saying is true. Beyond that, how and why did this happen? This info is supposed to be private, right?

Of course, my reaction was pure emotion. The Yankees are a for trouble, and crap like this looks negative. Then ad in the "son" factor, and the fact that I've defended A-Rod so many times, and you get what I wrote.