Sunday, February 01, 2009

Bruce at the Half!

Had the Cardinals tied it or taken the lead, my mood would have been down for the halftime show. Now I'm delirious! So ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce Rock and Roll's true savior, Bruce Springsteen and E Street Band!

They opened with "Tenth Avenue Freeze Out", and Bruce is freaking into it!


Bruce just rocked into a cameraman, and came away smiling.

Now "Born to Run."

They had to go with something new (hell, they've got a new CD to sell). So they went with "Working on a Dream" (that's the title track).

Oh, the new CD is amazing. The first track "Outlaw Pete" might be my favorite.

Now it's "Glory Days." OK, and kind of predictable, considering the sports tie-in (he changed the lyrics to go from baseball to football).

The referee thing was a little silly, and the fireworks pleased Sean (I could do without them) but that's the Super Bowl Halftime Show for you.

Sorry, U2. You just lost your title. This is already the most amazing, rocking halftime show. E Street is on FIRE. I'm not thrilled with shortening the songs, but it's all good.

That rocked.

OK, onto the second half.

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