Sunday, February 01, 2009

Super Bowl XLIII Random Thoughts

The teams have been on the field for 12 minutes and so far we've done nothing to kick the freaking thing off. Walter Payton Award...Faith Hill and "America the Beautiful" so far. Let's go, NFL.

Oh, now the Miracle on the Hudson crew. Nice. We could have done this an hour ago.

Still, good job of respect by both teams. Oh and a member of the crew has a TOWEL!

Now Jennifer Hudson, and the National Anthem.

I mean no offense to Ms. Hudson, but could we just sing the song? Ever since Marvin Gaye (and especially since Whitney Houston), everybody thinks this has to be some great interpretation. Sing the song, and play ball.

By the way, I listened to roughly two hours of Westwood One Radio's pregame coverage on the ride back from Pennsylvania. That's a lot more than I've ever listened to.

So far, it's pretty obvious that NBC is all over the Kurt Warner angle. That's OK - I get it. He was the main story of the week.

Back from commercial, and now we need Al and John to break things down one more time? So when all is said and done, the teams will be on the field for roughly a half hour of nothing (other than the National Anthem and the coin toss) before the first hit.

Lynn Swann and the Towel! Woo Hoo! Good job the crowd to recognize General Petraeus with the largest cheer though.

Arizona won the toss. That's fine.

Two plays in...Hines for 38! A fine start.

Oh great, another Ben touchdown controversy. And all the Stillers get is a three from Jeff Reed. Fudge. 3-0.

Early commercial returns...sigh...although the Pepsi spot was OK, and the Bud Lite one made me laugh.

Ike Taylor...swaggin...and I've noticed that Al Michaels can't stand that.

Steve Young? Fran Tarkenton? John Elway? No! Big Ben to Heath for a first down.

The Steelers are throwing the ball a lot and Ben looks good early on.

One quarter done...3-0, 'Burgh.

So I'm making dinner for Sean (did I mention we're home alone?) and trying to maintain sanity. It's not always easy to have your team in the big game.

I haven't really been able to watch the commercials, for instance.

OK, before I have to go all "Rule 55" on you (or just say what's on my mind), Gary Russell finds the end zone. 10-0, Steelers.

Early on, I don't think NBC has been ultra sharp. They've missed a couple of penalties, and...

Oh crap. Boldin for 45.

And double crap. Touchdown Arizona. 10-7 Steelers.

Momentum has officially shifted.

Oh, I tried to comment on NBC's coverage earlier. Like I said, I'm not sure they're sharp, but John Madden can still break a game down. And Al Michaels isn't that bad either.

They have their critics (including me, on occasion), but they're pretty darn good.

America has got a pretty good game so far...but I wish that wasn't the case. I was happier at 10-0.

And that interception didn't help my mood.

By the way, Ike Taylor may be "swaggin" but on two straight plays, he looked like crap.

OH...MY...GOD!!!! One of the great Super Bowl plays EVER by James Harrison! 100 yard Interception return, and our house just EXPLODED!

I was going to pick Harrison for MVP. He probably just won it.

After a review of the play, it is official. We go to the half, with the Steelers leading 17-7.

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