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Super Bowl XLIII Random Thoughts - 2nd Half

Don't you love that? Sean watched the 3D spots.

By the way, since I raved about Hines Ward's catch to start the game, he has been invisible.

Fumble? Yes, Challenge? No fumble. So Arizona's still has one challenges and the Steelers will still get the ball, since it's fourth down.

I haven't spent a whole lot of time on the commercials, but Disney is reviving the "Witch Mountain series? Are you kidding me?

Originality, gone.

OK, Hines has been found. Very nice.

The Cardinals have lost some control. Two personal fouls have aided this Steelers drive.

First and goal after Fast Willie busts it off the right side.

By the way, I'm going to fly by my text limit tonight. Nick Fox, Nick Angotto,
Ron Warzoha (the father - both dad and son are huge Steelers fans), and a few others have been heard from tonight.

Another personal foul on the Cardinals, and take the three off the board that Jeff Reed just knocked through. First and goal again.

Another near INT for the Cards, but Carey Davis saved the day.

What kind of call was that? A freaking quarterback draw? A chance to go up 24-7, but now they give Arizona life. Dumb.

Jeff Reed to the rescue. 20-7, Pittsburgh.

One quarter to go.

Sean is just about to fall asleep. At that point, it will be just me. I didn't think it was right to take him to a party that would keep us out late, and we would still have to drive home.

Guess I take my son's feelings into account.

Oh great, there's going to be complaining about the officiating in this game. And Mike Holmgren is in the house.

I don't want to hear it.

Hey! A Derek Jeter commercial. I hope that's the kind of 2009 that we'll have. Steelers tonight...Yankees in October.

Ben just got sacked, and the Cardinals continue to have life.

Warner is moving the Cards. My heart begins to beat faster.

Ike Taylor won't be the MVP - that's for sure. Instead of "swaggin" we might want to focus on football. He just got popped for a defensive holding call.

Sean just went to bed. He's six, and we've been up since about 6:30 this morning. I understand.

Touchdown. Damn.

20-14, Steelers. 7:33 to go.

Obviously, the Steelers need to move the ball and kill the clock. And (of course), another score would be mighty nice.

Ben getting sacked does not help.

I'm having bad visions.

And three and out they go.

Time for the defense to step up, as Arizona gets the ball at their own 25.

First play to Boldin and freking Ike Taylor's getting deep into my doghouse. Personal foul penalty, and Al Michaels takes a shot at "swaggin."

Dope. Taylor, not Al.

Draw play...nada.

The defense looks tired.

Deep catch and run to Breaston to the 26. Damn again.

Flags down. Holding. Stops the momentum.

And Polamalu almost sent me to nirvana. Second down.

Almost intercepted again. Third and twenty.

Warner gets hit as he throws. Incomplete. Fourth down.

They're going to punt. And it's down at the two. But there's a flag. Uh oh...

Unnecessary roughness...after the play on the Steelers. They get the ball at the one. That was close.

John Madden wants Harrison thrown out. That's not an unfair stance. The Steelers are making dumb plays.

First down is...a pass? Wait, what? Incomplete.

They run it with Parker, who...just...gets...out...of the end zone. Wow.

And my heart beats faster for two reasons...1) the ball placement and 2) the freaking woeful punting game.

I can't even believe what I just saw. A safety for a hold in the end zone, negating a first down completion. 20-16 with 2:58 to go.

Arizona gets the ball at the 36 with 2:53 to play.

Oh f***. Fitzgerald to the house with 2:37 to go. 23-20, Cardinals.

Oh my GOD!!! Ben to Santonio...TOUCHDOWN! I had already typed "Congratulations Cardinals." Not so fast. Review shows Holmes caught the call and had both feet in. Jeff Reed boots the extra point. 27-23. Twenty-three seconds to go...

Actually, NBC just corrected the scoreboard, but Al Michaels said nothing. There are 35 seconds left.

Fitzgerald to the 44. Twenty-two seconds to play.

(History lesson - the Immaculate Reception happened with :22 to play).

Complete to JJ Arrington at the Pitt 44. The Cardinals spend their last timeout.

I'm shaking.

Warner fumbles and Brett Keisel recovers. NIRVANA!!!!

And there you have it. The Pittsburgh Steelers are your Super Bowl Champions!

The final score. Steelers 27, Cardinals 23.


The MVP? Big Ben? Holmes? Harrison? I think it's Holmes.

The numbers - Roethlisberger - 21 of 30 for 256 yards, 1 TD and 1 INT. He also ran for a score, and his scrambling created the opportunities on the last drive.

Holmes - 9 catches, 131 yards, 1 major, huge touchdown. An amazing catch.

Nice to have Joe Namath bringing the trophy in, but this is getting dumb. Let him get to the podium without the players pawing it. The NFL is just dumb about this on-field post-game stuff.

OK, now why did Mr. Rooney need to thank the President? I know the Steelers are his second favorite team (he likes the Bears), but come on.

So far, I'm pleased with how the emphasis with Mike Tomlin is on what a coach he is, and that he's the youngest to win, and not a thing about the fact that he's the second black coach to win the Super Bowl. He's just a solid football coach. Period.

Holmes is the MVP. That's OK.

These postgame celebrations have just about gotten beyond stupid.

Great class by Kurt Warner. Hard to root against the guy (of course I did tonight), yet he's now 1-2 in the Super Bowl, despite now holding the top three spots in terms of passing yardage.

By the way, I would have voted for Big Ben for the MVP.

No complaints. Not one. I thought the Steelers had spit the bit, blowing the biggest second-half lead (13) and were going to have to scramble to pull it off. I was pacing; dying inside. Wow. Just wow.

The Steelers have won their sixth Lombardi Trophy. I'm still stunned that they pulled it off.

I don't know what else to say.

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