Wednesday, February 11, 2009

More A-Rod Fallout

OK, Joe Posnanski gets his say.

Jeff Pearlman, Mahopac High School's most famous media member, has his say, and rips Peter Gammons in the process.

Pearlman's been in trouble with me ever since he wrote about Mahopac on Sports Illustrated and while he spoke glowingly of his days as a youth, even mentioning Carmelo's barber shop (which I faithfully went to), he still had some unkind things to say about my beloved hometown. Then tack on his glowing love for the dirtbag Mets of the 80's, and you can kind of figure out what I think of him. Not that I dislike him of course, he's a heck of a writer and was on WGCH with us in the late 90's. It's just that we don't always share the same opinions.

Oh, one other thing. Pearlman's Wikipedia page says he was born in the 'Pac. To my knowledge, I don't think that's possible unless he was born at home. Mahopac Hospital closed down in the late 60's, I think, and Pearlman is younger than me. I suppose it's possible, but I also suppose it's irrelevant.

Jeez, Google a guy and you get more. Pearlman wants MHS to change our mascot from an Indian.

If I ever get a show, I'll try to get Pearlman on.

OK, back on topic. Far be it for me to defend Gammons, yet I think he was in a tough spot with the A-Rod interview.

Enough A-Rod. I'd rather write and read about things like WNEW's blog wanting Spinal Tap to reunite. They say since Blink-182 is coming back, the Tap should reunite.

Sound like a good idea, but it begs a question: who knew that Blink-182 was done and, better yet, who cares? People with limited musical taste and knowledge?

I'll stop. Gotta take Mom to the hospital for her second round of eye surgery (don't worry - she's fine).

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