Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Now...the 50 Worst Sportscasters

Based on my last post, here are the Top 50 Worst Sportscasters from Jay Busbee at Yahoo!

1. Billy Packer
2. Chris Berman
3. Joe Morgan
4. Tony Kornheiser
5. Dick Vitale
6. Bill Walton
7. Mike Patrick
8. Tim McCarver
9. Joe Buck
10. Bob Costas, post-2000
11. Stuart Scott
12. Tony Siragusa
13. Gus Johnson
14. Paul Maguire
15. Stephen A. Smith
16. Troy Aikman
17. John Sterling
18. Thom Brennaman
19. John Madden
20. Emmitt Smith
21. Johnny Miller
22. Lee Corso
23. Jim Gray
24. Merril Hoge
25. Digger Phelps
26. Tiki Barber
27. Darren Pang
28. Dick Stockton
29. Dick Enberg
30. Darrell Waltrip
31. Kelly Tilghman
32. Mike Francesa
33. Steve Phillips
34. Pam Ward
35. Shannon Sharpe
36. Skip Bayless
37. Warren Sapp
38. Lamar Thomas
39. Paul Allen
40. Ken Harrelson
41. Magic Johnson
42. Chip Caray
43. Dave Mishkin
44. Joe Theismann
45. Dan Dierdorf
46. John Kruk
47. Jenn Sterger
48. Larry Merchant
49. Michael Kay
50. Lou Holtz

OK, most of my same beefs continue here, but I have more issues with his selections. In short, once again, another Joe Buck-hater. I don't get it. Still don't get it. I also don't really get the hatred for Tim McCarver either. Sure he can annoy, but I think he's still OK. I like Troy Aikman, who is Fox's answer to Phil Simms (probably the best in the biz), and they're both answers to John Madden. The Bob Costas, post-2000 thing is just stupid and pretty much shows me validity of this list.

Dick Enberg? Now he's just being an ass. I'm surpirsed he didn't put the Great Scully on here.

As for John Sterling, let me say this: if he were screaming, "THHHHHEEEEEEE Mariners Win!!", would that make a difference? Of course it would. It's that he says "Yankees" that makes him torturous. And I understand.

Still, Dave Niehaus has been screaming on Mariners broadcasts for 30-plus years, and he's a Frick Award winner. Strange.

Just sayin'.

I agree with him on several (including the man-crush of all college students, GuJo). Thom Brennaman - agree. Chip Caray? Wholeheartedly agree, but he should be in the top five or ten.

If Mike Francesa is here (and I know he has a lot of critics), then how is Jim Rome, for instance, not here? Or Chris Russo? Or Mike and Mike?

Oh this list could be endless with the drivel that shows up, but I think many of his choices are off base. Still it makes you wonder how these people get their jobs.

One other thing - is this person a member of the Raissman/Mushnick department? Those who hyper-criticize yet have never so much as put on a headset in their lives?

Just curious.

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