Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Today's the day. I actually know people who won't vote today, and if that's their way of expressing their dissatisfaction, then so be it. If they're just lazy, then shame on them.

Just a quick self-promotional note: if I'm well (I'm battling a cold that has not only sapped me of my strength, but has bothered my voice) then I will be part of WGCH's election coverage tonight, beginning at 8:00, anchored by Tony Savino. Please listen here.

Here's what it has come down to: vote for what you believe in. Simple, no? Don't vote based on party lines, or because of race or gender, or other pedestrian reasons. Vote with your conscience.

We could argue back and forth about it all...Sarah Palin's inexperience versus Barack Obama's inexperience...this issue versus that issue...and on and on. At this point, it doesn't matter.

I know who I am voting for. I know who I think will win. I know I will vote.

You should also.

May the best person win, and then let's move forth with helping our great nation.

I am Rob Adams, and I approve this message.

UPDATE: 12:11 AM. Senator Barack Obama is the President-elect. I'm tempted to say and write a lot more, and am ashamed by the behavior of some people who I love and respect, including the media. But never mind. Godspeed, Senator Obama. Just help restore our great nation, OK?

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