Saturday, November 29, 2008

Blog News and Notes

Greetings from Warminster PA, where I had plenty of yummy Thanksgivng food (thanks again for the brownies from everybody here to Nick and Mama Angotto!).

I don't know when or if I'll be able to catch up, but kudos for a great call on the Staples-GHS football game to Nick Angotto, Nick Fox, Sean Kilkelly, and Rob Crowley...along with Matt Hamilton, Jason Intrieri and post-game guests Ricky Riscica, Jeff DeVico, Rob Catalano, Mike Lefflbine, Nancy Riscica, Rich Riscica, and Connie DeVico. Jeez...have I forgotten anyone!

Anyway, let's do some links.

Tim Parry has plenty about the FCIAC Championship (congrats, New Canaan) and his celebrity wife, Ursula!

Tim has more! Trent Allen has stepped down at Harding, and other coaching changes (there are now THREE openings in the FCIAC - Trintiy Catholic, Harding, and Danbury).

Oh, and if want to know the CIAC matchups, well go see Tim for that. Yep, as sadly predicted, no Greenwich threepeat. The shame of it is that they would have been scary good in the post-season. Greenwich-New Canaan or a Greenwich-Darien rematch would have been amazing.

That's just my opinion.

As I drove from Greenwich to Warminster, I made sure to do my anual tradition of listening to Alice's Restaurant in all its glory. That was enough to help pass the time while I was stuck in traffic on the Cross Bronx Expressway.

Despite that, I STILL made it from the WGCH studios to my nieces house within three hours. Yet at 122 miles, I should have been there in just about two. Still, the turkey was plenty was just about to be served when I walked in.

Also thanks to the aforementioned Tim Parry for his thoughts on comments via cell phone regarding New Canaan/Darien. I also thank my friend Kelly Scott for her 'net surfing skills to help me decide my travel route, and to niece Stephanie for "dinner updates."

I love a comfy drive, and that was fun. I took plenty of pictures that will be posted on Flickr at another time.

To finish, give a read to the latest CIAC mumbo-jumbo, in which an offending 50-point coach is bailed out. Thanks to Sean Patrick Bowley for his tremendous efforts.

OK, I'm heading back to the road. I haven't spoken to Sean (you know, my SON) in over 48 hours, and it would be nice to see him again.

I'm kind of funny that way.

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