Saturday, November 29, 2008

Check out the New Blog Picture!

Finally...and so long overdue. There it is - a real, true, honest-to-goodness Exit 55 sign. Many thanks to Interstate 287 in New Jersey for the seminal moment. I guess Jersey is good for a few things after all.

I'll let you ponder exactly what those things are.

I shot the picture today, while taking the freaking looong way from Warminster, PA back to little ol' Carmel. My eternal thanks to the New Jersey Turnpike for nothing (other than a traffic jam). It reminded me why the eight greatest words in a sentence are, "You have just left the New Jersey Turnpike."

So for you road buffs, the route was kind of like this: I entered the Pennsylvania Turnpike (I-276) at Willow Grove (Exit 343). I took the Penna Tpike and crossed into New Jersey, where I merged onto the New Jersey Turnpike at Exit 6, before immediately leaving at Exit 7 (US 206). This is where I saw the taillights stretched out. So from there - it was 206 north to I-195 west to I-295 north (which becomes I-95 south) to NJ 31 north to US 202 north to I-287 north. (This is where the sign picture comes in).

Then I went and got a cup of coffee at one of the 185 Dunkin' Donuts off of the highway.

Then it was back to I-287 north to NJ 17 south to US 202 north again (and it becomes 202 east in New York) to the Palisades Parkway north to NY 9D north to NY 301 east.

Thanks for reading.

We now return you to your humdrum life.

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I totally did not understand anything in that blog haha...but at least u got ur sign! :) I hope u had a good time