Sunday, November 09, 2008

No FCIAC Championship This Year

I should have played the "Breaking News" sounder when we word came in via text from Tim Parry to Nick Fox. We were probably the first broadcast outlet to announce that the FCIAC football championship would be New Canaan against Darien on Thanksgiving Day.

As such, the Cardinals have been eliminated. I can't even go watch the game, as I have, you know, other responsibilities.

Like me job - Staples at Greenwich, 10:00 AM.

The Cardinals' two losses this year were just so devastating (let's leave the St. Joseph game out for a moment). When Greenwich lost to Darien in week two, you knew it was bad for the FCIAC. The loss to Ridgefield further damaged their playoff hopes, but only in the state race.

St. Joe's was just a bad loss. It finished them, realistically, in the state, but it didn't have the truly negative impact of the losses to Darien and Ridgefield - two games that they could have won.

So now, more than ever, it seems obvious that when I close our broadcast on Thanksgiving morning, we'll be done with football. I'd like to call some postseason games but it doesn't seem likely. So come Thanksgiving, I really don't know what the play-by-play future holds.

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