Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sugar Rush! (Or I've Come to Long-Overdue Conclusion that I'm a "Family Guy " Fan)

So I'm late to this. It happens. I even jump on a bandwagon before it leaves, or come along much much later.

I resisted the "Family Guy" urge for a long time, but can no longer ignore that the show combines my brutally harsh sense of humor with the lack of political correctness.

Sean doesn't watch much of the show (it's kind of...um...bad), but he can recite this one.

I'm going to drop this into the "Rule 55" bucket as there's more to say, specifically regarding the "Star Wars" parody. Let's just say it was in the house and I never saw it, and walk away at that.

Oh, and this is post number 555 on "Exit 55", and I'm invoking Rule 55. So there.

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Mick said...

A Chicken In Every Pot and a Cap in Every Ass!