Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Just One More Cow

I've not kept up my end of this blogging thing at times, so I neglected to relay this story to you. During CBS's broadcast of the AFC Championship game, I heard Jim Nantz make a reference to a Patriots player who grew up on a ranch. It seemed like an offbeat story to me, but I just let it roll. A day later, I was listening to Mr. Imus, who said that Nantz told the story, in part, to make good on a promise to Imus. Mike Baron in The Post-Chronicle picks it up from here:
Nantz a recipient of the Pat Summerall Award for broadcasting, was a guest on Friday morning's Imus in the Morning show on WABC Radio and RFD TV and was musing about how Joe Buck was once asked by Conan O'Brien to work a phrase into the World Series broadcast. O'Brien's contention was that if Buck was as good as his reputations states, he would be able to do it. So Nantz offered to say something of Imus's choosing.

Imus chose: "Just one more cow baby, just one more cow," a humorous reference to the show's TV home of RFD.

With a little over 6 minutes left in the 3rd quarter when the Patriots had the ball, Nantz fulfilled his obligation. He said, "Watch #70 again, Logan Mankins. Kid grew up on 10,000 acre cattle ranch outside of Fresno. Was a calf roper as a kid, taught by his dad and, I'll tell you, when you're that big and you're taught calf roping and your dad says, 'hey I'm gonna bring on just one more cow', coming into the NFL and taking on your opponent is not that big a deal."

Love it. Once again, the power of the I-man.

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