Thursday, January 31, 2008

Casey Chris Berman (or Ponderous...F*cking Ponderous)

Let me warn you ahead of time that the videos in this are NOT SAFE FOR WORK (also known as NSFW).

Perhaps you've never heard this, and if you haven't allow me to edu-ma-cate you. Many years ago, a naughty engineer kept the tape rolling during this explosion by Casey Kasem, and it eventually got into the public's hands...

Unfortunately, the best part if missing - when Casey says the now-classic, "Boy this is f*cking ponderous man. Ponderous, f*cking ponderous." It's become a catchphrase.

Anyway, the reason for the lesson is to move into this decade, and a tirade by Chris Berman (thanks to Awful Announcing for pointing it out).

You just never know when tape is rolling...

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