Monday, January 14, 2008

Could the Rangers be the Last Tenant?

I was afraid of this.

After the success of the NHL's Winter Classic, stories began to emerge that New York City and the Yankees had been approached about hosting the game that was ultimately played at Ralph Wilson Stadium outside of Buffalo in Yankee Stadium. This was the second time that the rumor had circulated - the first time being a few years ago. The Rangers and Islanders were the teams to play in that scenario. In the most recent version, the Rangers and Bruins were the first choice, followed by Blueshirts-Isles. In each case, the city and the team said no thanks, mostly due to what it would take to operate the Stadium for the day.

Well I guess feelings have changed. The guys at River Ave. Blues posted a story from John Dellapina in the Daily News. In short:
The NHL is working with the Yankees' high command and representatives of the city to try to play a game at Yankee Stadium next winter. While there are plenty of logistical hurdles to clear, the principals are interested.
So why am I afraid of this? Come on, people! This is YANKEE STADIUM...home of the baseball team. This is a place that opened with Babe Ruth homering against the Red Sox on April 18, 1923, and it might close out with Henrik Lundquist in net? I loved it before, but I would just prefer that it not happen now. Not as the final event in the one building that I hold so closely to my heart.

I also hear now that the Bruins are interested in a game at Fenway Park. Now THIS I love. But as always, be careful before you ruin a good and novel idea.

Oh, one last thing. I'd be dishonest if I didn't say that I'd want to go to the hockey game at Yankee Stadium. I have to be fair.

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