Wednesday, January 02, 2008

I Love the 80's

Found this via the Stuck in the 80's Blog on Sit back and relax for just about 10 minutes and you'll be treated to some of the best videos that the 1980's had to offer. Oh don't worry, some of it is brutal, but that comes with the territory. I mean, who doesn't love the flashback to Tawny Kitaen and the white car (and you all know what I'm talking about)?

Before you ask, no, there is no Huey Lewis in there, but that's the creators' choice, and doesn't detract from this being fun to watch. You can only fit so many things into a montage like this. And, yes, "Take on Me" is in there - a song and band that I have brutalized for 20 years, largely because it was Sandi's favorite band. I shouldn't have done that, despite 20 years of Huey Lewis abuse. The video is still a classic.

Anyway, enjoy this flashback.

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