Wednesday, January 09, 2008

A Couple of Quick Hits (from the "Off the Bench" File)

Some pictures are just too funny. This one made me laugh out loud.

The real issue though is this: what are you people thinking? This is not, REPEAT! NOT!, a political blog, but I just can't see the upside to pulling the level/hanging the chad for Satan (remember, that's Mr. Imus's name for her). Is it that you want the return of the Clinton years, because things were so good under Bubba? If that's the case, would you have voted for Jackie, because maybe JFK's ghost would reappear?

There have got to be better options to run this country.

Tiger Woods is a smart guy - and he knows better than to get caught up in racial foolishness. So good for him for not overreacting to Kelly Tilghman of the Golf Channel, who suggested that younger players "lynch him in a back alley." If said about a white player, it just gets laughed at, yet I understand the sensitivity when it is said about a black player. Fair enough. Yet Tiger's agent said it was nothing.

Good for them.

BCS=Boring College Sports. Come on, people! College football would be better off scrapping the whole thing and returning to the days when the last games were played on New Year's Day, then we all debated the polls. This system isn't working, and it isn't compelling. I was so disinterested in a championship game being played on January 7th. Apparently many of you weren't into it either, since the ratings stunk.

Roger, I want to believe you. I'm gullible, and I admit it. For some reason, I give people the benefit of the doubt, even when the evidence looks bad. Yet with you, I'm not buying it. I don't believe Bonds, I didn't believe Palmiero, and I don't believe you. I'm not that gullible.

I was nearly in an accident last night in Bedford, NY. Somebody stopped short in front of me and I had to stand on me brake. By the grace of somebody, I didn't hit him, and the car behind me didn't hit me as well. Why am I telling this? Because the driver in front of me got out of his car, made sure I was OK, and apologized. Once in a while I still see a sense of decency in this world.

Please welcome my new great-niece, Miss Evelyn Ann, to the world. The spelling of her name might be wrong, and I have no further details about her. Apparently the Pony Express delivers baby news from California to New York. That would be the only way to explain why I only found out about the baby being born last night - via an off-hand remark in an email from my niece Steph (the newborn's aunt). It seems Evelyn was born on December 31st. My sister also didn't know.

Such is life.

Oh, before I run, I took a walk today around Cove Island here in Stamford. It is a gorgeously warm (albeit windy) day but it was a great way to refresh my mind and spirit. Plus it is a really nice place to take a walk. I was there because I was checking out phone lines at the adjacent Terry Conners Rink, where I will broadcast Saturday night's Greenwich-Stamford hockey tilt on WGCH. John Spang (and Nick Angotto) will unfortuately miss this game, but I will be joined by Dave Maloney - son of the former Rangers captain and current Rangers broadcaster. Dave Maloney (Sr, that is) also worked with us on WGCH at one time, so it's all in the family!

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Sean G. Kilkelly said...

Great picture...There's no question in my mind that Mrs. Clinton and Rudy Giuliani are both cut from Satanic cloth!