Monday, January 28, 2008

Coney's Back

I don't want to steal the thunder of the guys at River Ave. Blues, who broke this story. They, with an assist from the Post, announced that David Cone has accepted a job with the YES Network, taking the place of Joe Girardi, who wil be otherwise occupied this summer.

Cone is one of the good guys in sports. He's seen a little of everything, including his young immature days with the Mets, to his years with the Yankees, Royals, and Blue Jays. I had a chance to interview him, and even spoke with him for a few minutes off the air. He's a really good guy; one of the few who "gets it", in that he doesn't take it all too seriously. And, as River Ave. Blues correctly pointed out, made one of the best sport-related commercials ever:

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