Thursday, September 20, 2012

Thanks for Trying

I kept this one under wraps, hoping to not jinx it.  A few weeks ago, in some ways, to cheer me up from my job layoff, a friend asked me if I would like to conduct an interview he was trying to set up.  A long-shot, maybe, but one that seemed hopeful.

Vin Scully.

The friend said that he would like me to do the interview and write about it.  I, in turn, would have almost definitely played the interview on "The Press Box."

We found out yesterday that Mr. Scully politely declined.

Nick Angotto once tried to get Mr. Scully on the old national "Press Box."  It didn't happen then either.

I understand.  The man will be 85 in November and I'm sure he gets a ton of interview requests.  He can't do them all, of course, but he does do the bigger ones (Michael Kay - a fellow Fordham grad; Mike Francesa, CBS Sunday Morning).  We were hopeful that maybe - just maybe - we could get a few minutes of his time.

It would have jumped near the top of my favorite interviews; if not at the very top.  We're talking the Terry Bradshaw/Kay Murcer stratosphere.

As of right now, it isn't going to happen.  But it was nice of my friend to think of me.


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