Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Rule 55 (aka Get Over It!)

And so it is with the gift that you see above - one of the (arguably) five worst calls in the history of professional sports (Jim Joyce and Don Denkinger included) - that Seattle Seahawks fans can, officially, shut the eff up about Super Bowl XL.  For those who don't recall, and it's amazing that you wouldn't because 'Hawks fans have been whining about it ever since, there were a few controversial plays in that game.  In the end, the Steelers won 21-10.

It was not because the NFL wanted Jerome Bettis to win a ring, or that the NFL wanted to Rooneys to win.  Some of the calls were borderline at best and all could have gone either way.  That's the nature of calls - human error and all.

This one was more than just human error.  This was incompetence, combined with replacement officials who are doing their best, but are in over their heads.

Which led to this fascinatingly funny picture courtesy of Deadspin.  Those of who are defending Roger Goodell probably should read the article by Drew Magary that accompanies it.
And, golly, isn't a little ol' coincidence that reports are beginning to surface regarding an agreement between the officials and the NFL.  Way to go there, Rog.  Amazing how you got that done, isn't it?
Over at Behind the Steel Curtain, Anthony Defeo questions if Seahawks fans have gotten over it as a result of Monday night (I say "no", by the way).

So it is, as a "Rule 55", we flash back to Super Bowl XL, with Hines Ward making his bid for the MVP.

And as a special bonus, here's Willie Parker going 75 yards, with the call of Bill Hilgrove and Tunch Ilkin. 

Funny, I don't see the officials impacting either of these plays.

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