Thursday, September 20, 2012

It's THAT Time Again

So here we are again.  Anybody care to remember 2008?  Personally, for a bunch of reasons, I don't.  I said it then and will say it now: it was one of the lowest points in the history of the American media, which had a clear agenda (on both sides).  Various talking heads - supposedly unbiased - embarrassed themselves with a clear cut bias.

But that was then.  It's a new day, right?

Now we head into the 2012 elections and the rampant lunacy of political commentary is beginning to ramp up on the social media sites.  That behavior in 2008 didn't sit well with me then, and it's not sitting well with me now.

See, here's the thing.  We're not exactly in grand shape here in the good ol' U-S-of-A.  The job market...still...blows.  Gas prices?  Wow.  Crime - violent crime - is up in some places.  The messes of the Bush Administration haven't exactly been ratcheted up under President Obama.

Change.  Hmm.  Maybe not so much.

So what it comes to do to is, while you're little ol' game of partisan politics continues to play, we - THE AMERICAN PEOPLE - are continuing to get hammered.  And the band plays on.  In reality, there should be ONE PARTY: the aforementioned American People

I said it then: I just want the best person for the job.  Don't care who they are or what their background is.  Don't care about how they look.  Just don't want them to be, well, nuts.

I like President Obama.  I just read a pretty good article on him in Vanity Fair, written by Michael Lewis.  I think the President would be fun to talk with.  Maybe grab a beer and watch some college hoops with, or debate baseball or football.  Maybe just talk about his job.

That, of course, doesn't mean he's the best person to be President.  He's done good things, and some not-so-good.  That's the way it goes with the Presidency.

That being said, I'm not tipping my hat for whom I am voting.  This is not that kind of post.  I've made it clear: I'm an independent.  A kid who registered Republican and 18, and sees faults with BOTH parties.  So I vote with my conscience (I know: novel, right?). 

Back on topic, what I'm not looking forward to, as a person who has become a bit of a student of social media, is the continued political stuff.   The so-called "facts."  The negativity.  I'm holding both sides' feet to the fire here.  And let's be quite clear - free speech is necessary, and welcome.  Further, I won't be making any mass purges of my friends, whom I've made clear that I love to death.  I don't even care if your opinion is "right" or "wrong."  I just might, however, be changing the detail of stuff that I see you write.  If you don't think I haven't done it already (and maybe some of you have done it to me), well, think again.

In some ways, it's just good for my blood pressure.

Prattle on, my political peeps.  You won't have Adams to kick around anymore.

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