Saturday, September 08, 2012

Job Searching

Note: I wrote this yesterday afternoon and let it stew overnight because it seems so self-serving to post this.  Yet "networking" is what I'm supposed to do, and I'm hoping that by writing this, it might to lead to something.  A conversation.  An opportunity.  Who knows?  I'm still conflicted about it, but here goes anyway.
I heard my phone ring this morning, and it went to voicemail.  It was my boss, asking me to call him.  Nothing unusual.  The conversation, though, was different.

I knew immediately.

"Where you at?", he began.  We exchanged laughs before he said that he wanted to meet with me, in an hour, in Dover Plains.

"What's up", I asked.

"I got news.  It's not good."

Yep.  That confirmed it.

I looked at Lisa and relayed it to her.  She looked as sick for me as I felt.

And thus it was that, a little over an hour later, the axe had fallen, and a good man (at least I think so) was without a job.  A matter of economics in a (still) bad time.  The company has lost business and needs to make cuts.  I wasn't the only one.  It wasn't personal.  And so on.

Oh sure, I still have good ol' WGCH to go to but let's just say I've never gotten rich there.  Just reality.

There's no easy way to write this.  I've called a few of you, emailed a few others, and sent Facebook messages along to more.  On one hand, it's a private issue.  Yet "they" always say the most important thing is to network.  So by writing here (and posting it to Facebook and Twitter), I can send this information to my world and beyond.  In the end, it's on me to find work but I also know I have great friends and family who love me and will look around.  They'll let me know of any opportunities and, to that end, I've already heard a couple.

I'm resolute.  I'll be back on my feet, and fast.  I'm not entirely bulldozed by this news, and am very disappointed, but times are still not great in this economy, and don't you DARE let any elected official tell you otherwise.  If you don't think that this news doesn't make me a little angry, considering the hogwash that the blowhards in both Tampa and Charlotte spewed over the last week, then you might just be a little lost.

But my spirit is good.  I have talent, and I've deepened my skills over the last year and half in the ice cream business.  I could easily wind up back there if things improve in the spring but I can't wait for that.  So, as always, we keep moving forward.

There's no pity party here.  The facts are the facts.

And so, I sit here, in the Danbury Fair Mall (thank you for the free Wifi), searching for jobs both online and here in the mall itself.  I've had a few thoughtful phone calls (Lisa, my brother, mother, and Paul Silverfarb have been especially nice), a few more messages (thanks Mick and Tim), and a couple of texts (Kris and Lindsey).  I've gone through the range of emotion that comes with this news: fear, despair, sadness, resilience, and so on.  I feel like, somehow, I've let Lisa, and Sean down (though I know that's foolish).  No pity, other than a quick "this sucks."  But I'm not angry at the situation.  Right now, that feels worthless to me.

There's simple logic at work here.  It happened.  Nothing I can do about it.  But I have a son.  A good woman.  A mother (and two siblings).  Nieces and nephews.  A second cousin who is a brother.  Amazing, loyal friends.   Other family members.  For some unknown reason, you all seem to care.  So why give up?  The alternative isn't pleasant.  Quitting isn't an option.

So now I look and call and ask.  For an opportunity.

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