Sunday, August 05, 2012

Checking the Stats

Every now and then, I check the stats on who is reading.  I especially like seeing what posts get the most hits, and seeing what areas the readers are from.  It's always interesting.

For instance, the single most read item here is the "Oniontown Ouch" post from 2008.  Even as I look now, it's second in reads over the last 24 hours, in back of the "Vertigo" post.  Among the intriguing items is the hits on the post "I'll Be Back", discussing my absence on the blog, from April of this year.  Written at a time of confusion and hurt, it was a way of pulling my head out of my arse and saying that I'm just refocusing.

The result of that refocus?  It set some things in motion, such as the Florida trip in May and, this post, announcing that Lisa and I are...well...Lisa and I.  That resonated with the expected sonic boom of hits, Facebook likes, and comments.  Let's call it a game-changer.

As for who's reading, the top five countries are the US (duh), Russia (?!), Germany, the UK, and Canada.  New York is consistently tops among cities and towns, and I'm assuming that encompasses the five boroughs for the most part.  Boston and Stamford (using a sample from July 1 to this morning), with Carmel and Mahopac rounding out the top five.

Now, granted, I live in Mahopac, but I feel like I'm not here that much, and especially feel like I don't really know anyone.  So I'm intrigued as to who is reading.  I can understand Carmel - I lived there when the blog started and was more active in that community, between Sean's school and baseball.  Stamford makes sense, because of my radio work (Greenwich also hits a lot), but...Boston?

After the top five comes a newer entry...Hyde Park...New York.  Hmmm...wonder why Hyde Park and Poughkeepsie have trended up?  White Plains, NY also hits a lot, along with Ashburn, VA.  Interesting.

Anyway, there's nothing to make of all of this.  I enjoy the numbers, but can't stress or over analyze them.  Just fun.

As always, thanks for reading.  Sometimes, I wonder (as you know), and occasionally, I get reminded that, yes indeed, you're all out there.  I'm grateful - it's why later this month we will finish up year six of "Exit 55."

Well, friends, I have a concert to get ready for.  Huey and the boys take the stage at 7:30.

And I just read the news of Eagles coach Andy Reid's son passing.  My condolences to the Reid's and the Eagles family.

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