Thursday, August 09, 2012

Appreciation  Besides, Lisa isn't much for posting pictures of herself (even if I thought the picture of us at Sunday night's Huey Lewis concert was good).
In life, it is always healthy to get a grip.  You know, perception.  Sometimes, one can look at another situation that might not be so good but turn it positively and recognize how lucky they are to have a good thing.

Lisa and I are moving along quite nicely, thank you very much.  And while we don't need any reminders, it can still be nice to get one.

We're having a good time.  I mean, this is supposed to be fun, right?  And lacking drama, no?

I'm sitting in her house right now, as she is vacuuming down the hallway.  I'm stretched out on her couch, typing away and glancing out the picture window occasionally.*

*OK, before you say "get off your ass and help her clean", let's clear that one up.  Lisa likes to do things like that on her own.  When she wants my help, she will ask.  Trust me on this one.  Otherwise, I simply get in the way.  So she just wants me to do my thing: "go blog", she will sometimes say.  It's not like she doesn't want me around.

On occasion, you get a glance into the world of other couples, and other people.  It is right there when one (be it you, me, Lisa, etc) looks inside of themselves and realizes how happy they are.  Perhaps it's taking a negative and making it positive, but either way it's a good thing.

As a result, one takes everything into account, and hugs their mate a little tighter.  One might also go buy flowers.

So far, the only things Lisa and I seem to "argue" about are John Mellencamp, what to eat for dinner, and when I get in her way when I try to help out (see?).  On occasion, we delve into the deeper stuff: money, outside people and forces that might impact us (some people just do not get it), and whether or not the Patriots should have allowed the Giants to score in Super Bowl XLVI.

I'm not serious about one of those...

But if those are our only "problems", man I'll take it.

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