Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I'll Be Back

Not many have asked, but a few have (sorry, I really do wonder who gives a bleep about this blog anymore).  So OK, I give.  Yes, el bloggo will solider on.  Yes, I'll do more for Zuckerman and social media in general.

Yes, I'll be back.

I'm busy - crazy busy.  And that's a good thing.  Two to three jobs.  Traveling.  Being more active (helloooo bicycle!).  Getting out more with Sean in the nice weather.  Taking stock in me and those around me.

Doing "The Press Box" (7-9 Monday nights on WGCH).  Mick McGowan and Tom Oderwald were with us last night, and we had a blast, and that carried over off the air.  I'm doing my fair share of heavy laughing every week.
(L-R: Ryan DeMaria, me, Chris Erway.  Photo by Mick McGowan)

(Top Row, L-R: Chris Erway, Ryan DeMaria, Tom Oderwald.  Bottom row: Mick McGowan, me.  Photo by Bob Small.)
This doesn't mean I don't have some time on my hands, and I'll happily spend that staying busy - including time with friends and getting to ballgames, etc.  I have to stay busy.  I want to stay busy.

So I will.

And maybe, just maybe, when the time is right, I'll write away here.  I'm just super duper incredibly cautious about my topics lately.  While it might delight some of my peeps to no end if I were to spout, I'd rather not.  I'd rather stay classy.  I'd rather be...shoot me now...the nice guy.

Though I could spout off about the silliness of "Jackie Robinson Day."  Yet even that, in this incredibly pathetic PC world of ours, is dangerous.  One misstep and...

OK, I'll say it.  Stop having everyone wear 42.  Give one person the honor of wearing the number - make them the spirit of Robinson.  Have a ceremony.  Wear patches on the sleeves for one night.  Then auction off the jersey.  But most importantly - EDUCATE.  Tell kids why what the old boys club of baseball prior to 1947 did was WRONG.  Don't preach.  Just explain.  Folks, this isn't rocket science.

I took a large chunk of this past month to think.  Think about social media and my place in it.  Think about those who are obsessed (sometimes including me, and it hurt me).  Think about what I want (did I mention "travel?).  If anything, I lurked.  I read things.  I saw things I didn't like.  Hurtful things.  Snarky things.  It's the thing I most deplore about it. 

Facebook helped me get back in touch with a lot of people.  It helped me meet others and get to know some of my friends even more so.  And yet...yet...that wasn't always a good thing.

There are roads to drive.  Places to visit.  People to love, and who want to love me back.  I suspect it will all inspire me to write.  Then I just have to find the time.

Like now.

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