Friday, August 03, 2012

Creepy to the Max

Max Headroom
Er...Um...Not Exactly Max Headroom
Each Friday morning, I join WGCH News Director Tony Savino for approximately eight minutes of sports talk.  I normally jump on my computer, troll around for a few nuggets, and wait to go on.  That sometimes means having a few minutes to check in on Facebook which can often produce a few interesting things.

Holy crap did it ever.

I vaguely remember this.  Let's flashback!

November 22, 1987 (hey, nice day...oh, right, it was my 19th birthday).  In Chicago, WGN was airing the Nine O'Clock News.  During the sports, anchored, by Dan Roan, something strange (and creepy happened)...

So here I am, watching this earlier today and, frankly, getting a little spooked!  But (as they say) WAIT!  There's more!

Holy Son of Sam!

Later that same night in 1987, WTTW was airing Doctor Who, when Max popped in again.  This time, he spoke (the video has subtitles).

Yikes - something about all of this gave me the shakes.   Credit goes to Mental Floss for the background info.  Max, by the way, has never been caught.  Come forward, Max!  The statute of limitations is up!

Not as concerning was the Captain Midnight incident on HBO.  Peter Jennings anchors our coverage.

Some of this makes me recognize what people must have felt with the "War of the Worlds" performance in 1938.

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