Saturday, January 21, 2012

Oniontown Update

Many thanks to my friend Dave for posting this article on Facebook. Written by Aaron Lake Smith on, it looks into the history and culture of this dead-end enclave of Dover, NY.

Longtime blog readers will recall my post, "Oniontown Ouch!", written in 2008, about some folks from my hometown of Mahopac who went cruising looking for trouble. That post remains among the most-read on Exit 55. I still get occasional emails from people about it as well. The post comes up fourth in line when one Google's "Oniontown."

As I wrote at the time, Oniontown is an area of intrigue and rumor. This article opens up about that a little. It's an interesting read.

Oh, but one thing - the writer refers to Mahopac as "wealthy." While there are a few areas of nice houses, most specifically around the lake, trust me. We're not "wealthy."

Here's another take, written by Quinn O'Callaghan for the Hudson Valley Chronic.

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